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Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 managed C and for a refresher on code behind in general, turn back to Chapter 5. The WebService Base Class Very often when you see ASMX code samples, the Web service classes inside them derive from a class named WebService, as in class CalcService WebService WebService belongs to the System. Web. Services namespace. It contributes properties named Application, Session, Context, windows server 2008 standard r2 key , Server, and User to deriv.

that appears between markup elements and therefore contributes nothing to a document s content and aren t counted among a document s nodes unless you set XmlDocument s PreserveWhitespace property, which defaults to false, equal to true before calling Load. XmlNodeType Example Attribute Guitar Image MySG. jpeg CDATA CDATA This is character data Comment This is a comment Document Guitars DocumentType DOCTYP. , ces IIS, installed. Because ASP. NET requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you need one of those operating systems, too. On the Professional editions of these operating systems, IIS isn t part of the default installation. To install IIS, open Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel and select Add Remove Windows Components. You ll find a check box for IIS. Be sure to install IIS before installing the SDK to . Microsoft Visio Professional 2013, is added, SmartQuotes. aspx displays a Server busy message if the cache read returns a null reference. Refreshing the page again should replace Server busy with a famous quotation. To try the application for yourself, copy the source code files to wwwroot or the virtual directory of your choice, open SmartQuotes. aspx in your browser, and refresh the page a few times. Figure 9 5 The SmartQuotes Web page i.

ion state at the same time, even in the unlikely event that two requests that correspond to the same session overlap each other. The SessionSpy Page For a firsthand look at session state in action, check out the Web page in Figure 9 7. Called SessionSpy. aspx, it uses session state to store a count of the number of times a user visits the site. The first time you request the page, windows 7 ultimate serial key list , you ll be greeted as a fi. Microsoft Visio Professional 2013, Windows XP to Windows 8 Professional Anytime Upgrade , requests, and the requests generated by one user are mixed in with similar requests from other users. Finding a place to store the contents of your shopping carts in memory on the server, for example, or in hidden input fields round tripped to the client and back is only half the battle the other half involves examining each incoming request, determining whether that request came from a user for whom a sho.

Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 , you used an HTML control in Calc. aspx. The line form runat server caused an instance of System. Web. UI. HtmlControls. HtmlForm to be created on the server. HtmlForm returned the form tag that you saw when you viewed the page s HTML source code with the View Source command form name ctl0 method post action calc. aspx id ctl0 HtmlInputText and HtmlForm are but two of many controls defined in the System. .

ake sure the SMTP service is configured to allow relaying from localhost. To do that, open the IIS configuration manager you ll find it in Administrative Tools, right click Default SMTP Virtual Server, select Properties, click the Access tab, click the Relay button, select Only The List Below, and use the Add button to add 127. 0. 0. 1 to the list of computers allowed to relay. SendMail. aspx Import Namesp. , xceptions SqlConnection connection new SqlConnection server localhost uid sa pwd database pubs try connection. Open SqlCommand command new SqlCommand select from titles, connection SqlDataReader reader command. ExecuteReader while reader. Read Console. WriteLine reader. GetString 1 catch SqlException e Console. WriteLine e. Message finally connection. Close Tailoring this code to work with databases other . Visio, ompiled against. The lack of a digital signature means the assembly is no longer tamperproof, windows 8 pro cd key , but you can fix that by signing the assembly with the publisher s private key before the assembly ships. How does delayed signing work If Public. snk holds the publisher s public key, the following command creates and delay signs a Math assembly note the delaysign switch al keyfile public. snk delaysign target lib. Microsoft Visio Professional 2013.

Microsoft Visio Professional 2013. the statement hr pDoc getElementsByTagName tag, pNodeList asks the DOMDocument object for a list of Guitar nodes. The list is returned as an IXMLDOMNodeList interface. The application enumerates the Guitar nodes by calling get item repeatedly on the node list. Each call to get item returns an IXMLDOMNode interface pointer representing a node that is in reality a Guitar element. The sample program passes th. Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 perty named BackColor of the property named SelectedItemStyle. If you d prefer, you can initialize subproperties in the tag that declares a control by separating property and subproperty names with hyphens, as in asp DataList ID MyDataList RunAt server RepeatColumns 2 RepeatDirection Horizontal OnItemCommand OnItemCommand SelectedItemStyle BackColor gainsboro This syntax isn t limited to DataList controls.. Visio Professional 2013 - ue public int Add int a, int b if header. UserName jeffpro header. Password imbatman return a b else throw new HttpException 401, Not authorized AuthHeader is a custom type derived from System. Web. Services. Protocols. SoapHeader that represents a SOAP header. The SoapHeader attribute affixed to the Add method tells ASP. NET to reject calls that is, throw SoapHeaderExceptions to Add that lack AuthHeaders . Microsoft Visio Professional 2013, ot s bin directory. We also registered the handler using a Web. config file. CityView. ashx demonstrates the other way to deploy HTTP handlers. You simply code an IHttpHandler derived class into an ASHX file and include an WebHandler directive that identifies the class name and the language in which the class is written WebHandler Language C Class CityViewImageGen When a client requests an ASHX file contai.

rDigit characters i i Return the word return line. Substring start, i start Regular Expressions One of the lesser known but potentially most useful classes in all of the. NET Framework class library is Regex, which belongs to the System. Text. RegularExpressions namespace. Regex represents regular expressions. Regular expressions are a language for parsing and manipulating text. A full treatment of the lan.